by Discourse

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released September 8, 2012



all rights reserved


Discourse Lincoln, Nebraska

Nebraska Hardcore

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Track Name: West Blvd
Step into another day
A loss of conscious happiness
Cycles, circles, doors revolve
I try to kill the numbness
Unrelenting apathy
Stuck in a rut that's on repeat
Life is trying to kill me
Bleeding me dry

So I walk into the dark
Leaving all of my love behind
Never turn around to see the people that pushed me aside
I'm never coming back
Time falls through my hands
The wounds refuse to close
So I push ahead

The blood is spit as I fall to my knees
No shelter from this torment or this spreading disease
I pray to no god
I bow to no devil
The power reigns in me
I suffer alone
Track Name: Headfirst Into Hell
Pile it on top of me
A crown of thorns and misery
Symptoms of the light persist
So I slip into the darkness
Wretched feelings overtake
No true love could ever save

I've pursued for long enough
The time has come to give up
A sick obsession with pain
A sick sensation sustains
Hate powers my farewell
Headfirst into hell
No salvation
Headfirst into hell
Track Name: Loose Change
Your suffering is satisfactory
Fixated on the fact that you've earned the right to be here
Earned the right to feel the pain others try to push aside
Embrace a life that isn't yours
A fallacy, a dream, a need to feel the suffering
A burden that's a lie
Only poor on the inside

Stare into your eyes, fall into the wasteland
Stare into your soul, weed out all the bullshit
I look through you, I see the truth
Too punk for me, too punk for you

When you're in your bed tonight there's someone on the street without a hope, a dream, or a reason to save face
For those who truly suffer there's no saving grace, motherfucker.
Track Name: Snap
Patience fading, losing touch
Friends forever, losing trust
Severed ties
Live to lose
Found a way to tighten the noose
Conscious choice
Clouded vision
Your demise
Your decision
Lost the spirit just because
Nailed to it, never was

Swallowed doubt
Ingested the pain when the dark overcame
Conscience lost
Ideals destroyed
Left me behind
Left me annoyed

How does it feel to be so low?
How does it feel to be solo?

Sick of all your fucking bullshit
Get it through your head
Reasons wavered
Ideals suffered
How's the fucking edge?
Track Name: Trending Topic
Digital age brings digital waste
You choke on the topics as it topples your conscience
Kids on the board have never been to a show
They dissect the ethics pretending they know
But they only know the shoes and the blogs, the chatter and swagger
This shit pierces through me like a fucking dagger
The trends and the topics, can anyone stop this?
Holiday hardcore
I'm out of patience
Track Name: They Live
They rip me apart with their unending sentence
Fucked from the start from a lack of acceptance
Living a life they'd sooner destroy
Living among them, I try to avoid
Pick my skin, let the vultures in
Open their eyes to a world they can't stand
They think I'm shit
They call me worthless
They live in fear
They live in fear of us

I never wanted the things I was told that I needed
I only saw the negatives
I never found a reason
With so much pressure to give in or get out, I've never lived a normal life so why start now?
And the pressure keeps on building and my nerves are on edge
All I see is burning corpses every mile ahead
And I know who's to blame and whose pain it is to give
And my hands are on the throats of the ones who fucking live

They live.